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How to Offer SUD Support for a Partner in Treatment

When a spouse or partner is undergoing treatment for a substance use disorder (SUD), it’s important to understand the ins and outs of providing adequate SUD support. Many individuals struggle with wanting to be there for their partners while also

Are Depression Rates Increasing Among Children and Teens?

Depression is one of the most commonly diagnosed mental health conditions, and it’s not just adults who are at risk. Children and teens face a number of challenges that can spur on depressive symptoms like sadness, loss of interest in

Mothers in Recovery: Overcoming Challenges and Lending Support

Participating in recovery is difficult for anyone grappling with substance use, but it’s especially hard for women coping with the demands of motherhood and addiction recovery. Like other women dealing with substance use disorders, mothers in recovery may suffer from

How Using Social Media Affects Teenagers

If you’re the parent or caregiver of a teen, then you know just how hard it can be to help your child navigate social media and all that comes with it. And while it’s certainly tempting to just try and

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