During this time, we are taking every means necessary to ensure the safety of both our patients and our staff. Recently our Clinical Supervisor, Kate Ramsey, created this helpful video to help loved ones learn more about how we are keeping our patients safe during COVID-19.

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    Making the phone call for help can be a daunting first step for those struggling with addiction!

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    Our On-Site OBGYN Helps Pregnant Women Overcome Addiction
    Why Tough Love Might Finally Be the Answer
    Become More Aware This Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month and Learn How to Get Involved

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    Copyright © 2023 Retreat Behavioral Health. All rights reserved. Designed and Serviced by SEO Brand Corp.
    Copyright © 2023 Retreat Behavioral Health. All rights reserved. Designed and Serviced by SEO Brand Corp.
    Welcome to Retreat's destination for family, friends, and loved ones.

    Retreat Behavioral Health provides world-class substance abuse and mental health treatment to our patients, but we make an equal effort to involve their family members, friends, and loved ones in the healing process. From engaging activities that teach loved ones about better communication skills, how to set boundaries, understanding co-dependent dynamics, and more, to educational resources, helpful books and links, and insightful columns written by experts, we're dedicated to making it all available to you.

    Here in this designated space, we invite you to explore the special materials we've assembled to give you an inside look at the world of addiction, mental health disorders, and, above all, recovery. Hear from parents and loved ones who have been in your shoes. Learn how to best support your loved one in getting well and staying well. Take advantage of the groups and activities we've created for your benefit.

    Most importantly, don't hesitate to reach out to us today. Whether you or a loved one is struggling and needs help, we'll get the process started and navigate the journey together. There's help — and it starts right here.